Populating "Assigned To" from a form submission

Good Morning,

My Server is Ubuntu 18.04
Database is MariaDB
SuiteCRM is Version 7.11.8

I’m using WordPress for my website and I have Gravity Forms installed with a plugin Gravity Forms to SuiteCRM integrator as well.

What I am trying to do is populate the “Assigned To” field in suitecrm with my form submission. All my other fields are working just fine so I know it is not a submission problem between the two apps. For some reason the assignedto field remains empty.

Is there a specific setting I’m missing somewhere?
I’ve double checked the mapping from Gravity Forms to SuiteCRM fields in the Integrator and my form field is pointing to the assigned to field

Any ideas why it is not populating?


I would suggest that you might be using a User name in that field, when you should be using an id. In the UI, the Assigned to is normally handled with a Relate field, which pulls the user names but works with the id behind the scenes.

In order to get this working from an external form, you might need some additional step, like putting the user name in a new custom field, and then using an after_save logic hook to get that name and lookup it’s Id…

I see the Name and the UserName but where is the UserID?

In the database… In the users table.

And then in every table’s “assigned to” field, there are references to those ids.

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How have you created the form field for Assigned User?

Normally I use a hidden field called “assigned_user_id” and it works for me.

I used a hidden field
I found the correct value to be using instead of the username