Pop Up View Layout Error - Documents Module

Hi there,

I’ve been doing minor layout changes tof PopupView for all the modules before encountering the attached snapshot error for the documents module.

I’ve repaired and rebuilt repeatedly, yet the error still pops up whenever Popup ListView or Popup Search is clicked for Documents module.

Hope someone could look into this.

Hi Freelancer,

Do you have any custom modules installed which would affect the Documents module? What are the permissions on your instance? Are there any errors in your sugarcrm.log?



Hi Will,

I tried this too and the problem is repeatable.
My instance of SuiteCRM is 7.01 upgraded to 7.02 with no custom modules added.
Web Server IIS
PHP 5.5.8 (fastcgi)
MySQL 5.6 with storage engine MyISAM

sugarcrm.log has the following:
[color=#000000]03/24/14 22:41:45 [4244][1][INFO] ParserFactory->getParser(popuplist,Documents, )
03/24/14 22:41:45 [4244][1][DEBUG] PopupMetaDataParser: __construct()
03/24/14 22:41:45 [4244][1][FATAL] Exception in Controller: DeployedMetaDataImplementation: cannot create popup view for module Documents - definitions for popuplist are missing in the SugarObject template for type file[/color]

What do you think?


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Hello Will,

I have no custom modules installed on my production CRM.

Do you mean file and folder permissions? If yes,I’ve set 755 for all files, 775 for folders. Cache files and folders set to 755.

In config.php:
Change From
‘dir_mode’ => 1528,
‘file_mode’ => 432,

			'dir_mode' => 1533,
			'file_mode' => 446,

As for sugarcrm.log, I can’t relate the time to when I was testing it as it is using a timezone which is different from what I set for admin.


I am getting this same error. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I am getting the same ‘An error has occurred’ pop up on my screen as the original post, here is the log information:

I have recently created Relationships between the Documents module and two custom modules (many to many).