Plugin keeps losing configuration

We’ve installed the plugin on several computers now and about once a week the plugin loses its entire configuration. The server info as well as the license key. Is this a known issue? It’s really annoying to have repeat the configuration information entry every time.

Hi sbingram,

Are you using the latest version of the plugin 3.0.5? The main cause of settings loss was due to a loss of connection between the Outlook plugin and the CRM. Previously they were saved only if login succeeded, meaning that if (e.g. because of network issues) you couldn’t log in, the settings never got saved. We are currently investigating other ways that settings may be getting wiped out.


Yes, I’m using 3.0.5. This is continuing to be a problem too. Every few days the configuration is completely blanked out. I can’t seem to find any one action that could be causing this. It’s obviously a huge support issue as we get a call every time this happens and have to login to each workstation and reload the information including the license key. I would appreciate any insight on this problem you might have.