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Plugin for MacOX

Dear All,

I need plugin to synch mail and SuiteCRM.
I found official Outlook plugin but it’s only for Windows.
What about MacOX? Can you advice some solutions?

Best regards,

I wouldn’t count on Mac support.

I’d advise you use classic GMail (which can be setup with any custom emailaddress/domain if you like) and any of the SuiteCRM-integrations available for Gmail.

I see, thank you.

You may want to check out http://www.rivacrmintegration.com/cloud/faq/ as it offers support for integration with all flavors of Outlook including on a Mac…

Oh - forgot to add - we’re also looking at:

And for Gmail connectivity (if you go that route) I definitely like
http://collabspot.com - but for some bizarre reason they aren’t supporting Sugar CE with Office 365.