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We need your help. We’re starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development of SuiteCRM 8. We’re going to give you the best CRM application on the planet and we want to get it to you quickly…

The Kickstarter Campaign will fund an expanded SuiteCRM development team and a technical author so we can produce high quality developer and user manuals. This will mean that we can get SuiteCRM improvements to you much more rapidly.

We will be engaging with you during the next 6 weeks and asking you to get involved. It would be great if you could take a minute to give us some feedback.

What does SuiteCRM do for you?

Why do you use SuiteCRM?
Did you migrate from another CRM?
What do you like about SuiteCRM?
What does SuiteCRM do for your business?

We will use your feedback to support the Kickstarter campaign.

Please use this thread to post your feedback. SuiteCRM Feedback Thread Thank you!!


I’am CEO of a swiss consulting company. We use SuiteCRM for marketing purpose, managing prospects and calls. Also, we use it for managing our customers, contracts and billing. We think SuiteCRM is the best CRM available for our needs. SugarCRM pro edition are not adapted as it required a minimum of users and it’s not profitable to us. Salesforce is cloud based and we really prefer to work with our own server. J.Buschor - Buschor Consulting

Thank you for your good job.

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I’am Sales Manager. Since we started using SuiteCRM we see our company from another point of view, now the data are visible to all employees, the information are related more fluidly. SuiteCRM is just what we needed. Joan Nin - MSI Networks

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I own a small manufacturing/engineering company, trying to grow. I think a CRM is a good way to improve our sales processes and our customer service. 6 of us (the front-office and engineering side) would use the CRM system. Six months ago, I wasn’t involved in the CRM space and had never heard of SugarCRM or SuiteCRM. I use LAMP as much as I can in my business, but I’m not a purist, I use commercial software where I need to. I use Quickbooks Enterprise on Windows for accounting, tax, customer, vendor, and payroll functions.

I looked at 3 options with my CRM decision. SalesForce, SugarCRM, and SuiteCRM.

SalesForce was simply cost prohibitive for my company. While the core CRM functionality is complete, some of my unique customer project management needs would be difficult to support.

SugarCRM had the functionality and a strong code-base, but dropped their commitment to open-source and flexibility. I felt they were abandoning their open-source roots.

SalesAgility stepped in to provide continued support to a great product. They continue to integrate new functionality into the code. But most importantly, they interact with the community in a way that’s win-win for everyone

We’ve been running SuiteCRM very happily for 5 months. We strongly support the kickstarter campaign and look forward to the enhancements in the new version.



Our company has chosen SuiteCRM to manage our clientele and I’m customizing and maintaining it.

I first started with SugarCRM and then changed to SuiteCRM and there has been a lot of improvement in the application, kudos to your development team for that.

SuiteCRM being an open source application gives me freedom to customize it according to our company’s business needs. Also what is really noteworthy is that it is a whole CRM package in itself.

Thank you for the great product.

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A client asked me to install and configure sugar, and he used for almost a year. they had plans to use this product as leverage in negotiations. But since the changed, and mostly, with all the lack of transparency of their developers, we decided to move to SuiteCRM. It seems to have the same functionalities, and we need to reasearch some new ones. Being truly open-source, has more appeal to us.

Regards, and keep up the good work!!


I am a Business Manager and Channel Manager of a software-house in the expansion phase that depends on a CRM solution open source, flexible and with advanced features, such as workflows to manage processes involving internal and external users in companies that represent us in various states.

I’ve used like SugarCRM CE/Professional in previous projects and the SuíteCRM was a great surprise, especially because it is the ideal solution for companies with or without previous experience in CRM projects, regardless of size and segment by offering great agility and flexibility in their deployment.

We use almost all modules of SuíteCRM for complete management of marketing, sales, contracts, activities, projects, technical support and documentation.

Congratulations to Salesagiility by this project and count on me to support them in the dissemination and growth of SuíteCRM!

Great software, thanks for doing this

One thing that you maybe could do is give support on the forum a boost up
I don’t know if there is a communication gab somewhere or the lack of delevopers/developers time.
Maybe you could hire a forum moderator that filters the messeges and forward it to the developers or hire more developers to support this open source project

Kind Regards

I’m the managing partner of a successful web design business.

Obviously, we need to keep track of our customers. They all start out as leads and when they sign our contract to have us create a site for them we convert them to account status.

Our needs are simple… we don’t use contacts or 90% of all the other features. Calendar, calls, and email is pretty much it.

Suite has a simple and logical workflow and allows the user to keep it simple or get very complex… thus it works for the small company to the large corporation.

Being programmers, we’d like to help add modifications, but the code-base of Suite has too large a learning curve for us to take the time to master. We’d $upport Suite8 if they will rewrite “Sugar” perhaps using a PHP framework that might make community additions easier to accomplish.

One thing we’d want is the ability to make the database multi-tenant… by simply adding a company-ID field so that we could use it for another product we sell, an order-entry system called We’d love to re-write JAYA on top of SuiteCRM. (Yes we know the issues of multi-tenancy vs. separate installs, but we have ten years of experience in multi-tenancy and we like the ‘one database for everyone’ approach… especially when it comes to updates to said data.)

I hope you can get the funding. I look forward to seeing the specs and $upporting the endeavor if they meet our needs.

We’re starting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds

Where can I read about the formal structure of te SuiteCRM project - does it have a foundation? A formal non-profit company behind it? In which country is that company registered ?

One of the deliverables of the Kickstarter campaign is to put all the code into a not-for-profit foundation. We haven’t decided which one yet … but we know we need to do this to give the project true openness.


Im CEO of sales. I was working with few CRMs before. It were Zoho, Sugar and one “Custom” CRM. Now I`m trying Suite because my friend from IT company give me a recommendation.

Thanks Greg

There is an argument that SuiteCRM will generate more interest morw quicky if your plans for a non-profit can be made public before you fund raise.

When to comes to money - it is good to remove any concern due to lack of information.

Have you considered openign a seperate thread on the forums here, to address this specific issue?

Eg have you come across:
They act as the non-profit host for lots of opensource projects - they, or a UK equivalent if you know of one, may be worth considering as a quick, least effort/cost to coming under a non-profit foundation umbrella ?

I have this innate inclination to dislike all open source software that requires registration before download and specially those who don’t care to provide even after registration a direct download URL (something that can be used to download software on headless servers using wget/curl). I see you going the SugarCRM way in a few years time.

I’m running an IT company that serves other IT companies and have been testing everything from PSA’s, ERP’s, CRM’s for the past 9 months and although we’ve found some good candidates, SuiteCRM is by far the more complete, user-friendly and easiest to setup.


What does SuiteCRM do for you? WONDERS!!! :lol:

Opensource since we plan on having multiple users and did not want to incur the per user per month fees
Have complete control over the CRM for customer confidentiality
We must be able to configure the CRM to 80% functionality on our own (easy to customize and user-friendly)
The CRM must have an active community with implementer that we can easily hire for customizations (not an unsupported/dead/soon to be dead project)

We’ve tried SugarCE (this is basically a dead project now), AllocPSA, OpenERP (Odoo), iDempiere, Zurmo, xTuple and we’ve even tried some of the paid ones out there like Autotask, Connectwise and Promys PSA but those three were very restrictive in nature and created many unacceptable inefficiencies.

Why do you use SuiteCRM? To establish our company with a powerful out-of-the-box system that is expansive while not being expensive to customize and develop as the need arises

Did you migrate from another CRM? I tested many for 9 months

What do you like about SuiteCRM? It is more complete than the other CRMs and carries an easy to use and configure Workflow that allows us to automate the mundane and become more efficient. It is also logical and so freaking easy to learn (not the coding part)

What does SuiteCRM do for your business? We are not yet finished with implementation but once done, it will help us increase revenue, manage customers and company much better, it will also help us save a ton of money and allow us to be more efficient

Regarding the kickstarter campain I just wanted to say that many ppl may missunderstand the goal of putting the source code to an open source foundation IF the funding is successfull. Because one may think " So if the funding is not successfull they will close source suitecrm?"
So putting the source code on an open source foundation should be done regardless of if you get funded or not.
Maybe a nice PR would be to do it as soon as the kickstarter campain starts

Just my 2c

What does SuiteCRM do for you?
We are an IT consulting company in Colombia . We use SugarCRM for us and for our customers. Right now we are evaluating SuiteCRM and have found it very good. In addition, SuiteCRM continuing with the opensource philosophy .

Why do you use SuiteCRM?

  1. In our countries , it is very important to have low-cost solutions to the niche market of micro - enterprises, which have few employees and they can’t afford to pay for an expensive solution.
  2. The ease and flexibility of customization is very important to our customers

Did you migrate from another CRM?
Yes From SugarCRM

What do you like about SuiteCRM?
SuiteCRM promises to continue and follows an open source development and business model.

the goal of putting the source code to an open source foundation

I asked an open-source expert - and they suggested there are not so many non-Profit foundations in the open-source world in Europe, that will host projects.

Two were mentioned:

  • The Document Foundation
  • KDE

Hi! I’ve just seen the 100 enhacements for the kickstarter campaign, and was wondering if you’d consider adding also a file field type in the studio, along the image field type.


Hi there,

The image field type is on the development roadmap, where you can also see all planned enhancements to SuiteCRM.