Please keep SuiteCRM clean: no extra languages with core files!

Please keep SuiteCRM clean:

  • do not include language files then the master language

Language files shuld be made available to install if users want, not on the main download/install file!
SuiteCRM has many language files in many places, so its not easy to keep an eye to see if a new language was added!
Same goes for languages for external tools included in the package!

Its ok for the install screens to have more language, but not for full language packs!

You know that language files takes some space, multiplied by the amount of backups done!
Admins should have a control on what is installed, and not having to clean up things later.

As a rule of thumb: Less files = less issues on a server, less work on a site management!
Same goes for Language files!

Note: I’m not an English user… but I’m not a Spanish or Russian, or many other languages!

Thank you for your feed back.

SugarCRM paid for editions come with many languages as standard, and these will probably be kept as part of the CRM structure and added to in future.



SugarCRm works like that but it is not a clean way to work.
There should be a way to install/uninstall the languages that each site owner needs. Please see the way Joomla 3 works. Languages are installed or not by webmaster decision.

If I have the CRM installed on my server, why should I need to:

  • loose space on server or for each backup (3Mb for each language)?
  • waist time with 20 or 30 languages each time I make a repair/rebuild?

Note: if I delete languages locally, no updates should create them again!

Have our own control on software, isn’t only for code or source, should also be for software behavior!