PLEASE HELP Upgrading issue from 7.7x to 7.9 using upgrade feature in admin

I am trying to upgrade to version 7.9.17 using the… and using the upgrade feature in the admin panel. It goes through all of the steps and everything works correctly. Then after it goes to the step where I must commit to going ahead the page goes white and then nothing happens. when I refresh i get a this page isn’t working HTTP EROR 500

I was able to make this upgrade yesterday from 7.5 to 7.7 following the same steps. Please help!

My original post is here but no one replied

Try giving more generous values in your php.ini for these variables:

  • memory_limit
  • max_execution_time

Then restart web server and retry.

Check your logs for any messages:

php_errors.log (or whatever your web server log is called).

PGR, thank for your responding. How do I find the name of my php_errors.log file. I not sure where this is defined.

Here is my sugarcrm.log file
and here is my upgradewizard.log file Here are my logs that I found. I am not seeing anything related to errors. Do you see anything?

Despite the blank page, you might start by checking “About” to see if your upgrade completed successfully, it’s possible.

Your web server configuration should lead you to the log file. It’s often called php_errors.log or errors.log. It’s an important log to check, don’t skip this. Google for some tips specific to your web server and OS.

Then you will simply have to solve all the FATAL errors you have in your suitecrm.log! You can’t run a system that’s breaking apart like that.

Other than that, I had a quick look at your logs but I’m not going to examine the whole thing, that’s your job :slight_smile: . Pay attention to the timestamps: focus on errors occurring at the moment of the upgrade failure.