Please help - toolbars broken after 7.9 update

Hi guys,
This is getting serious.
My staff can’t work.
Toolbars everywhere are not working properly or not in existence at all.
Generic Suite CRM (no custom mods)
7.8.3 - 7.9 upgrade
No errors on upgrade
See screen shot.
I’ve run every repair option there is but still now working.
Ctrl+F5, different browsers.
Can I please have some concrete method of getting toolbars back working again.
It’s starting to affect morale.
Running on Windows server
MySQL 5.6.30
PHP extension: mysqli curl mbstring
PHP version: 5.6.21

(Dont care if they are not the most recent, they seem to work!).


What’s the point of starting a different thread with the same issue? Put yourself in my position, it’s already confusing enough to answer 10 threads simultaneously, with people neglecting to give you enough information about their system… now if the same guy comes up on two different threads, am I supposed to remember who you are and what you said on the other thread?

I’ll answer your issue in the original thread…