Piesync - it would be wonderfull to have a Piesync API

Hi there,

As subjects suggest - it would be so fine to have a Piesync API.

Piesync is - to those of us who dont know Piesync - a kind of hub, where you can syncronize your contacts across different platforms. A little kind of Zapier, but easier - less complex and overall 2 way. That means that your data will flow in both directions.

EX. be able to sync your contact informations from your leadsystem / marketingautomation system / other kind of contact systems and with SuiteCRM.

That was my 10 cents.

As im not able to this kind of tech thing - I would be glad if some of you helpfull and knowledge persons can and have the time to help. (Dont know if the api for SugarCRM works, but I will try of cause. If it works - Il be back!