Pie Chart on Suitecrm 8


I am trying to create a Pie Chart on SuiteCRM 8. But it is coming blank.
I have added an ID field and used it to count. But it is still not working.

I am trying to create Lead Status Report


I find the Pie chart really tricky, not just on SuiteCRM 8. Maybe if you share a screen shot of your settings, we can see if it’s a setup issue. If it’s not configured right it comes up blank.

Hi psteven,

Please find the below screenshots of the report.

My expectation is, it should show different values.

Yeah, you won’t be able to make that work. For pie charts if you add any other fields other than the one you’re measuring and the one you’re counting, it won’t work (if someone else knows how to do this please share!). Here’s how I would setup your chart…(I’m doing lead status since I don’t do lead stage, but same idea).

If I keep the exact same setup, and just add “Account Name” you’ll see it doesn’t work.

Hi pstevens,

Sorry for responding late. Your solution worked for me. Thanks.


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