phpMyAdmin select several tables.?

I have (Bitami) SuiteCRM 7.6.6 local installed ,also phpMyAdmin. I have in SuiteCRM 60.000 Contacts and some 35.000 Emailaddresses.

I can choose in phpMyAdmin . Contacts OR Contacts.cstm etc but I need to have the following tables only to extract all contacts fields with/without their emailaddresses

I did this via Access2013 and link to Exterrnal ODBC Data to create a query and indeed I see (the SQL for the Query, but if i copy that:

SELECT contacts.first_name, contacts.last_name, contacts.title, email_addresses.email_address
FROM ((contacts INNER JOIN contacts_cstm ON = contacts_cstm.id_c) LEFT JOIN email_addr_bean_rel ON contacts_cstm.id_c = email_addr_bean_rel.bean_id) LEFT JOIN email_addresses ON email_addr_bean_rel.email_address_id =;

to the SQL in phpMyAdmin, I get an error,
but…in Access 2013 I can browse all the contacts and with their Emailaddresses.from there I try to
export via Excel, or better Text(csv) (build In in Data Menu) , that is only possible with somestrict limitations ( say per country=USA) to limit the
number of output. That works only for part of it, but not all, and it is very very unstable (this Linking via Machina Data ODBC SuiteCRM).

in phpMyAdmin I need :
Email addr bean rel
Emailaddresses and link them via the appropriate IDs

I NEED all Contacts and email address in a CSV file , to apply to some other non-SuiteCRM program.

I also tried to do this Export from within Suite CRM, but that is not working 100 percent…

How to do this ?

if you’re on Windows, use MySQL-Front

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Thnaks Wieland
Very helpful, and easeier then the phpMyadmin.
But how to get the accounts and contacts for making an SQL quiry
Just give me small example ,then i will work out the details.
I am very new to SQL