Phpmyadmin not accessible after upgrading to 7.6.5


we’re running SuiteCRM now for almost a year and despite few issues everything worked quite fine.

After upgrading to 7.6.5 first everything seemed fine.
Unfortunately I missed to check few things.

After some weeks I recognized now that acessing the phpmyadmin site, a blank page would be displayed in the browser.

Did anybody had similar issues?
Where can I check to analyze and fix this issue?

Thank you.

this is not a suitecrm issue…
you must see with your hosting company, phpmyadmin access ip … maybe use another browser… and see develop/error console

Well, thanks, though your answer is not quite helpful.

We do our own hosting, SuiteCRM is running within CentOS 7 in a virtual machine and phpmyadmin was running fine before the upgrade.
I did not blame Suitecrm and I’m no expert in running webservers, so what I did is I asked for help.

I’ll go on with my research and post my findings here, unless somebody else can point me into the right direction.

Then you must see apache config and log error file, phpmyadmin config file and so.
By default, only localhost can access to phpmyadmin
You must see php version, phpmyadmin version…
You must maybe do a yum update and maybe update phpmyadmin.
There are no relationship with suitecrm and phpmyadmin.