Phpmyadmin - changing password

which field, when using phpmyadmin, is the correct one to use when changing my password for SuiteCRM?

Thanks for your assistance.


You mean changing some user’s password directly from the database?

It’s in the users table, a field called “user_hash”. The password is encypted.

It’s a one-way function, so a common trick to reset passwords is to define the password for some user as a known value, like “hello”, then go into the database and copy the hashed value, let’s imagine it’s “dfvRG4FDSf3d” and then you can paste that value as the user_hash of another user. Then you can tell him his password is now “hello”, or go into his account and change the password manually.


So, I could copy the hashed password and out it for another user, and the “hello” would be retained? Cool.

But, if I want to just up and change it. I need a new password. I lost th eold one.

I see the user has after clicking on the user.

I see the scrambled password in the field.

Ialso see a drop down menu that is blank. Do I use it for anything? I see th eoptions:
Do I choose them for any reason?

Any thing else to do?



Just start with any password you know (could be your own) and copy that hash into another user’s row in the database. That’s it, now you know that user’s password.

Then you can use the normal change password screen inside SuiteCRM.


Iwas abel to change the password in phpmyadmin. The hash ideas works well.


Then, I proceed to change my password in suitecrm.

I go through the motions, and change it, and save it.

But, when trying to log in again with the new password, it does NOT work.

I try logging in with my old password, and it works fine.

I have an issue with my password changing feature.

I went through this 4 times to if I was doing something wrong.

It is clear that I have anissue.

I want to see if I can manually change it in phpmyadmin.

Instead of using the hash idea, how can I enter a new password directly with phpmyadmin? Can I enter teh password directly into th euser hash field?

I want to see if this works or not, and see what needs to be done after.



You’re probably using the theme SuitePImproved, that repeated login problem a known issue.

There’s also another login plugin that causes the same issue.

Just go into Module loader and delete them, or download the new version (for 7.9.8) from here

Hi again,

I am already running 7.9.7. For the teml[pqate, I have 2 installed:
SuiteP Improved 2

Whih was is the better one to have?

I will try upgrading to 7.9.9 and see if this tweaks it.

But, when I look at your page, your improved only have a version for 7.9.8, will this work fine?



Yes install the one for 7.9.8 or remove it completely.


It turns out that I need to update my PHP version. SuiteCRM recommends php v7.x. I seem to have the lastest version of thr 5.x series. I will upgrade this.

In the mean time, I wan to test the other way o changing the password.

In PHPMYADMIN, you suggested copying the encypted password. This worked fine.

When I look at the phpmyadmin, I have a few fields:

How do I change my password manually?

Can I just enter the new password in the user hash field? Will phpmyadmin just encrypt it for me?

If it is something else, let me know where to change it.

I want to make sure that
1 - I know what I know how to do it
2 - that changing it via phpmyadmin works

Thanks for your guidance.


No, you can’t just edit the hash directly, but you can paste a known hash in there and it will get a known password. You can copy from any other user which you are sure you know the password.

If you don’t have one, you’ll find the hash for “Password123” here:


Thanks for the feedback.

If I understand correctly, there is no way to change the password for my suiteCRM account except only via the SuitecùRM interface?

If this is true, I thought that phpmyadmin was there to help with this kind of situation, amongst many others.

That means, I need to get SuiteCRM fixed, or I am stuck with not being able put in a new password.




I just told you how to change the password from phpMyAdmin.

There’s a good reason it isn’t a more straightforward process, it’s because passwords are not supposed to be stored in clear text in the database, for security reasons.

So unless you want to code some PHP to build those hashes, the easiest practical way is the one I explained above: reset the password to a known password, so you can log in, then use the normal method to change it.

Good luck

Well, thanks for the reply.

You did tel me how to change the password, but for one that is already used for another account.

I wanted to ask if there was another way.

I can not currently update my SuiteCRM because I need to get the PHP version updated first. The update complained that I need to update PHP to v7.x

AS for it being not a straight forward process, not being an expert in phpmyadmin, and still learning the ropes on many server thing, I apologize for my total ignorance on how it works. I do not now.

I noted two templates:
Suite P
Siote P Improved.

Which do I remove, or at least disable?

Once i upgrade PHP and SuiteCRM, I can upgrade the template too.



It does not say that you can not enter a new password. I thought that just by entering a new password, the phpmyadmin would scramble it for me. I guess I was wrong.

I still do nto have a working way to change the password my elf. I tought I needed up upgrade SuitecRM.
I willtry your ohter suggestin fo removing the template.

Resetting password:

The article I linked explains how to do it from phpMyAdmin:

UPDATE users SET user_hash = '$2y$10$ua6PicOvqyYMKgOR6gzFcub.Z5s40j6moWRH4oaO.Ef667lz.nb0m'
WHERE user_name = 'your_user_name';

This will set the password to “Password123”

Disabling theme

Disable SuitePImproved by adding (or editing) this line to config_override.php

$sugar_config['disabled_themes'] = 'SuitePImproved';

Hack to make SuitePImproved compatible: