php7 and mcrypt_cbc

According to the support matrix, php7 is supported in the current version of SuiteCRM HOWEVER mcrypt_cbc is depricated in php7. You now must use mcrypt_encrypt and mcrypt_decrypt.
There are only a handfull of places in the code this needs to be changed (I changed it on my system in about 10 minutes) but I’d like to get it up-stream.

I could generate patches if anybody is interested but the long and the short of it is as follows
change every occurrence of mcrypt_cbc to mcrypt_encrypt or mcrypt_decrypt as appropriate. on the lines encrypting or decrypting data change MCRYPT_DECRYPT or MCRYPT_ENCRYPT to MCRYPT_MODE_CBC

That’s it. There are a grand total of 12 lines of code that need to be modified.