PHP Error Log showing thousands of error in SuiteCRM\cache\smarty

PHP version 8.0.28
SuiteCRM 7.13.2

PHP is generating thousands of errors relating to template_c folder in SuiteCRM\cache\smarty\templates_c folder
sample error: PHP Warning: Undefined array key “LBL_SEARCH_BUTTON” in A:\xampp\htdocs\SuiteCRM\cache\smarty\templates_c%%F6^F60^F609237E%%_headerModuleList.tpl.php on line 662

How can I stop these errors from bloating the php error log file?

change the PHP version to 7.4 or turn off the warnings, I suggest to change the version, this happens because of some PHP syntaxes that smarty uses in its code that in PHP version 8 already takes it as a warning.