PHP 7.2.12 Removed Create_Function


I have been building a new CRM server and I have installed PHP 7.2.12 on the new CRM server however when i log onto CRM i am greeted with a lot of depreciated errors stating that the Create_Function has been depreciated. It turns out that the create_function was depreciated in version 7.2 however suitecrm appears to use this function often. Does anyone know the best way and quickest way of resolving this?

Thank you.

The only SuiteCRM that is compatible with PHP 7.2 is SuiteCRM 7.10.x, is that the one you’re using?

You should remove the errors from the screen by changing the display_errors directive in your php.ini, this is the best practice.

Then you need to track your errors in the two logs.

Please tell me your SuiteCRM version and paste the complete error messages from the log, with line numbers, etc. Thanks

I managed to remove the alerts by turning off display_errors in the php.ini files and upgraded Suite CRM to the latest version to ensure Suite CRM is compatible with the PHP version I am using.