Photo Display Problems

i want to have photos in the contacts list view. I installed the photo field in the editview and concts list view.
but the photo is broken in the contacts list view, i tried to upload the picture nina.jpg , but i found in the upload direcotry the photo with the name 6a8bef28-db72-85f9-2eb5-5e356b1c16f5_photo

so i think thats the problem.

Has anyone an idea ?

iam using ubuntu linux 18.04 with suiteCRM 7.11.10

usually, file uploads are stored that way. The id you see in the filename is related to the id of the revision/the document. This is Suite’s way of preventing files overwriting each other when they have the same file name (or use invalid characters).

E: I just tested the photo field in contacts (and a custom image field too). Both appear in the ListView after modifying the layout in the studio section. These pictures use the same file name structure that you posted here.

Can you find the <img [...]> tag in the supposed column?

This might help you figure things out

but it should work out of the box, no reason not to. I use contact photos on list views all the time. My own private Facebook :wink:

thank you both for the informations, i have installed two instances on different server, both linux but different provider, so on the one server it works like you describe and i can see the photos in the list view, but on the second server i see only the broken pictures, maybe its a permission problems, the upload of the pictures works but they could not been shown.

or something is wrong with the filename

It could be file permissions. The system can’t access the pictures folder…

okay, if found a solution, iam using php 7.2 and i had to install in addition the fileinfo extension, now it works !!!

I’m glad you got it working.

For people coming here in the future: this would have been easily discoverable by checking the web server logs as recommended (usually called php_errors.log or errors.log).