Phone numbers

Hi to all, i’ve imported my Account records and i don’t get why some phone numbers can be clicked and opened with calls app, and others don’t. I can’t figure why or what is the reason in someway works and someway don’t.

Any suggest?

thanks all

I think this is the code responsible:

The one starting with “011” matches that. You can also add a “+” before the every number.

But I’m not sure why that code is there, or how much sense it makes… I think the idea is to require a fully formed number, starting with international prefix. Maybe the shorter, local numbers don’t work so well with click-to-dial. I guess it will depend on system configuration. Can you click-to-dial a local number?

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tryed 3 different local number or cell number from my country(italy), noone get catched by the script


try changing that function to begin by always returning true, just as a test:

function skype_formatted($number)
    return true;

you can leave the rest of the function as it is.

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I still don’t like the solution, because now i can isert like 91234347348923 and still works. but at last now it works.

thank you

I think you could open an issue on Gituhb with this, pointing to the function and giving examples of real phone numbers in your country that you want SuiteCRM to recognize (just mix a digit or two, but show potentially real numbers).

That should be fixed.

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