Phone numbers not searchable?

Hello guys,
it seems that searching with a phone number doesn’t work? I.E for example 44251 54 65 65 as the SuiteCRM doesn’t find anything/lead. I tested with several numbers.
Its a bit frustrating because when people call you back and you cannot identify the phone number it is very complicated to find that exact lead that just called you in the system…

Any solution to this?

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Make sure the search term follows exactly the same value saved into the phone number field. Eventually, edit some test Lead record and update its phone number to 123456, save it and try to search for this very string.
If this approach doesn’t work, then let us know so we can provide some additional debugging procedures.

Thanks for the reply

I tried different formats and the search enigne doesn’t seem to care though.

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I have tested this on the fresh SuiteCRM 7.12 version and it is working fine. Can you please let me know what is your SuiteCRM version?

I will test it on the fresh instance of that version and if it is working fine for that version. If not, then the issue might be coming due for some customizations on your instance.

Thanks for the reply @Rolustech

It only works “sort of” if you tweak the formatting of the numbers. If you have spaces between or regional number code it doesn’t find the number.

+46 703 542 1452 = no match
0703 542 1452 = no match
07035421452 = no match
0703 5421452 = no match

So its pretty annoying and a bit time consuming. The search engine one could think would be smart enough to figure out the spaces etc. and ignore them but it doesn’t. That includes the +XYZ country code. It is not happy about that either.

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I just did a quick test and searching phone numbers works perfectly.
As suggested by Andopes you should try to “standardise” the format of your phone numbers. One suggestion: avoid all spaces and dashes, except to separate area codes.
Have yo tried searching only a portion of the phone number?
You may also use wildcards to achieve better search results (eg: instead of searching 1234567890, which may have been stored as 123 456-7890, you could search for %123%90 or %1%2%3%4%5%6%7%8%9%0, or in other combinations, etc

Please schedule full re-indexing. There might be an issue in indexing.
You can also review the settings of Elastic Search on that server.

Where is the setting for that? Is just the schedulers in admin?

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Thanks for the suggestion.
I did intentionally format all phone numbers like this:
country code and XX XXX XXX
because it makes it fast and easy to read. But you are probably right and I should reconsider to ditch all spaces so they are all searchable. The search engine is obviously not happy with it.

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Please navigate to admin and then Elastic Search. Please see the attached screenshot.

Thanks @Rolustech

Actually we havn’t setup the elastic search engine, we just using the default one. Mostly because it requires an additional server to manage. But if it is better than the default search engine (?) then I should maybe look into this.

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It sounds like a frustrating situation to be in, especially when you’re trying to keep track of important leads.
Have you tried reaching out to the SuiteCRM support team or checking their forums to see if there’s a solution available for this issue?

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Elastic search engine requires an additional server to run from which makes it more complicated.

SuiteCRM support Support Plans - SuiteCRM
Ranges from 2000 - 6000 EURO per year, so no.

But thanks for your suggestions. :+1:

I’m sorry, it does not require an additional server. It’s just a separate program - you can install it in the same server, or in a separate container, or in a separate server, that’s your choice of architecture depending on your scale and your requirements.

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I always read that as you would need to run an additional server on the sideline. Thanks for enlighten me @pgr

And also… an and another downside is that it requires “dead tech” e.g. Java which Oracle did many tears ago that they would discontinue. Java seems to have 9 lives of a cat through and seem to resurrect when you think that “this is it, its dead and gone now”.

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