Personalized View Options?

Migrating from Sugar to Suite. We have two teams one in Europe and one in the US. Testing a beta copy of Suite here. My sales teams in the US will not need to use certain tabs or modules. I can’t see an easy way to “personalize” the view that I want my team to have. Is there any way within a users control to “hide” tabs that I don’t need to use or view? Example;

Left to right. the tabs now read this way.
Home - Accounts - Contacts - Opportunities - Leads - Quotes - Calendar - Documents - Emails - Administration

All I want visible to me are
Accounts - Contacts

Also there are a number of fields within Accounts and Contacts that I want to “hide” from view. For example they have a field “Lead Source Description” or “Preferred Language” which is something my US team does not need but the Euro group may need/want this.

Is there a way for the end user to personalize a Account or Contact view without having to contact a system Admin and will not effect the overall use of Suite?

Hi there,

Have you seen/utilised Security Suite? This may be able to handle some of your required functionality.