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Hi guys i create a workflow that send emal to the contacts in the opportunities but it use the default SuiteCRM email.

Is posible specified a email sender or put the Oportunitie Assignet user as the email sender?

Bump. I’d also like to know if this can be done.

Clarify, your wording has made it difficult to know exactly what you mean.

Do you mean you’d like to use your own mail provider?

I can’t answer for the OP, but for me, the issue is that a workflow email is sent from the system administration account; the one used for system notifications. I would like to be able to send this from another user on the system, in the way that other messages are sent; e.g. meeting invites.

Well, wouldn’t creating multiple e-mail accounts do that?

We have multiple e-mail accounts. The problem is when you set up the workflow to send out an email, there seems to be no way to define which email sending account it goes from. So, we have lots of users on the system, what I’d like is a way of deciding which of them is the nominal sender of the workflow email.

To achieve this you have to create a custom scheduled task and, since you would be writing the code, you can also decide who is the sender.

The complexity of the code may vary, depending on the complexity of your requirements, but in general terms it shouldn’t be very diffcult.

If you have a look here: you should be able to figure it out quite rapidly (provided you know the database structure of Sugar/SuiteCRM an the way sugar beans work.

Hello everyone:

I need to understand if it’s possible at all and what it would take to use SuiteCRM to accomplish the following task:

1. To import a list of contacts (CVS?) with two or more assigned categories (eg: "construction", "electric supplies", "account manager" at the same time.)
  1. Select a subset of the contacts based one or more of the categories and create a mailing list from it.

  2. Create a nice looking news letter (similar to “mailchimps” or wix’s “shout outs”.)

  3. Blast the news letter to the contacts on the list (a few hundred items.)

  4. Follow up on the recipients with phone calls a few days later.
    It’s a very basic, generic and simple task, isn’t it?

    Could anyone, please, suggest where and how to find the answer and possible training for my task (if needed)? (Any YouTube videos to watch?)

    Appreciate your input, ladies and gents.

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