permissions per record and field?


I use but … it looks that it doesn’t meet my requirements any more. So I am looking for something better.

Could someone help me to find out if suiteCRM is the good option for me?

I teach meditation and my CRM needs to cover mainly contacts, events, venues. Now I am going to employ “salespeople” that are going to help me create and manage presentations, talks, course, events etc.

What I want is one db/table of contacs but I want to able set it up so

  • salesperson(s) can access only particular record(s)
  • salesperson(s) is able to create new record(s) and no one else except me is themselves is able to see is
  • salesperson(s) is able to see/access/modify only some fields from a record. There would some some reserved for me

Am I able to add a task/notification to every single record?

Am I right to say that

  • I can install suiteCRM on my server and use it for free?
  • suiteCRM is mobile friendly?

Thank you



SuiteCRM can do per-record permissions, but not per-field (you can customize code to achieve this, though). You can express accesses according to several permissions (create, view, edit, etc).

Read this tutorial to get a feel for SuiteCRM security:

You can add a task/notification to each record.

You can install SuiteCRM on your server for free.

It is mobile friendly: the app itself is “responsive”, adapts to smaller screens. Then you can use several native apps, if you prefer. The trend is that they provide very nice free versions, and then even nicer payed-for versions. On Android, check out QuickCRM, or SuiteMob, for example.

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really great answer, answers … thank you so much for that

Is there any good read about campaigns execution from suiteCRM? Can I do automation of campaigns? Trigger emails, actions based on time etc? Is there any recommened SMTP provider? Or can I use my gmail account?

Thank you


There is some documentation about Campaigns but it is not very developed, I’m afraid.

An important tip is that you can leverage the old SugarCRM Documentation, from before the fork, namely their version 6.5.

Not everything applies, some screens are different, but you can pick up a lot valuable insights form there.

Campaigns can be scheduled to go out at any given time. you can use any SMTP, including your Gmail, but I would advise to proceed with care since you Email addresses have “reputations” and you can easily ruin yours by spamming a lot of people. You need to master some technical details to make sure you’re not considered spam. But you’ll find many help online about that, it is not a SuiteCRM issue, it is general.

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one more question …

you said that I can have permissions per record. Can I have “sections” of fields within records and have permissions on them?

Thank you

No, only per record. Anything below that level you have to customize code.

But sometimes the correct answer is to approach the problem differently. For example, if you place your secret stuff in a related module (for example, a related Note) you can control accesses there.

"No, only per record. Anything below that level you have to customize code."

by customize code you mean the source code? So any time I update I have to do it again? Some kind of custom code that won’t be overwritten by upgrade is available?

Upgrade-safe Custom code

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I am not able to customize the code by myself. How can I get help?

Thank you

You can contact SalesAgility.

You can look in Upwork and other similar sites

There’s this other company called UrdhvaTech who is quite active in this community.

And you can ask here on the forums and normally a few people reply.

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BEST ANSWER! This can be accomplished all inside the SuiteCRM GUI

To improve on this, make sure to plan, plan some more, and then when you think you finished planning, plan 2 more days. Then test every corner of the CRM with actual walkthroughs of each role in your company to ensure smooth workable and to eliminate the bugs. Then deploy.