Permissions issues 775, 755, 644?

Hi, amazing CRM if i could get it to work.

I originally got Sugar but realized it was SuiteCRM which would better fit me. By this point I had Sugar installed on a sub-domain like http:/./ and it was working as good as you’d expect.

I uninstalled it to try Suite. I followed the instructions and feel I’m having trouble with permissions.

I used filezilla to apply a 755 permission to select folders and their sub-directors with a 644 on all single files within select folders and sub-directory. with a 655 also on config.

I then read that it should be 775. When i try to visit (or any part of that link combo) I get a 500 error.

I’ve got databases on lock and using the software but this install has really stumped me. I promise that if some one helps me resolve it quickly i’ll contribute to the forum as I learn the software.

Looking forward to long partnership :slight_smile: thanks developers!

For those of you who are having the same issue, i was able to have suiteCRM installed correctly thanks to a nice person’s help on

Issue is Resolved, not sure what the fix is