Permission Error when saving Quote

I’ve been having the below error whenever saving quotes. I’ve checked all the file permissions and they’re correct from what I know.

Any help?

It seems to be a file permission issue. May be you can set the correct file permissions and ownerships.
Also check for logs suitecrm, sugarcrm and apache logs.

I’ve set the permissions as I saw in another thread.

There’s nothing that I can see in the suitecrm log :confused:

I’m totally stumped as to why this is happening. I’ve got another instance of suitecrm installed on a different server and that works perfectly.

Need to debug to get to the cause of the problem. I hope you have checked securitysuite group not preventing you to do so, just if you are a non admin user.

How would I debug this issue?

Well I’m logged in as an admin so I imagine there wouldn’t be a securitysuite group issue.