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Permission denied running the suitecrm:app:install command

Today I wanted to try the suiteCRM-8.0.0-RC by performing every step in the install guide until the installer. Everything was executed like in the guide without any problems, but unfortunately I get the following message when I try to perform the install command:
./bin/console suitecrm:app:install
bash: ./bin/console: Permission denied

I checked the permissions of the console file and even with 777 rights I get the error. Are there some other permissions I need to set. Or could this be a problem with my provider? I’m connected via SSH

I have share the Window installation proper guidance with a video attach and pre- requisite tips :- SuiteCRM Installation | Step by Step Guide | Outright Store

Hi @CRMFox,

Thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8 RC.

Sorry for the delay, didn’t notice this message before.

Could you try adding execution permission to the bin/console again please?

chmod +x ./bin/console

Another thing to check, is the user running the console the same as the one used by apache?

Hope this helps