Permision problems

Hello everybody ,

I have a problem :smiley:
i am cutomizing the Tasks module , and after i finish my users from the security group doesnt have permisions to the module … i gave the repair and all , but still no permision … any ideas on how to do it?

Can you specify the steps what you did and what is not working?

So , removed some fields and added some new ones , in Layouts i modyfied the edit view , Detail view , aand list view …
I , as administrator i can create and save them , but the users from security group cant save the task , the error is that they dont have permission …
I used the repair tool , i gave them again rights to Tasks, but no use …

If you set up enough permission for the normal user.

Can you try Admin->Repair->Repair Roles? and try re-login as a normal user.

I did that and still tells me that i dont have permision

I also tryed to make first the customization of Tasks , after i created users with roles and security groups … and still same thing , they dont have permision

That means their is some issue in your permission setup. Try to remove the restriction of a module for a specific user and do a test. by that way you can narrow down the issue.

ok, so i can give global permision to the Task module ? and how?

No, what I mean set up permission for one user and check and try for the specific record or module with different options in a role.

Same permision problem …

Can you share a screenshot or a short video? how you have setup?
and make sure you have followed the guide

also if i build a new module , the users habe no permision to save it …

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i cant make it work

Let’s connect tomorrow.
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I made it :)… the module wasnt seeing the Assigned to field … so i assigned to the user and now it’s working …

I have other problem , in a Custom Module , a File one , i wanna add 2 upload fields , i add them but it is seeing only the upload file from the upload are comed with the module … how can i add 3 diferent upload file ( not image ) in a module?


For custom upload, I believe you need to create custom code and custom javascript for the same. I did something similar long ago but I don’t remember exactly.

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