Performance & User Role managment.

  1. How should I quickly boost the performance of Contacts & lead page of SuiteCRM7.0.1 ? Disabling AJAX etc… Not sure.
  2. When the Admin upload the Contacts via .csv on SuiteCRM, I want that employees/users should not be able to delete any contacts… They can edit but cannot delete
    the full contact record.
  3. My Role page on User Management is just showing Name & search option. I am not sure how come User Role management can be controlled.

Hi there,

1.) Your CRM should not be running slow unless you have many tens/hundreds of thousands of records. This may be related to your hardware setup.
2.) This can be done by setting user roles.
3.) You need to create a role and then save it. This then displays the roles which you then double click on to set for this role, then add users to this role.