Performance problem after migrate from sugarcrm 6.5 to suitecrm 7.6

As in subject I upgrade sugar 6.5 to suite 7.6 on Mysql 12gb database (centos, apahe 2.2, Apc)

After upgrade single request time is normal but performance test (jmeter, various system functions, 50 concurent users) signal that suite take 90% ram and 50% cpu. Sugar in same machine take 30% ram and 30% cpu.

What can be a reason of this observstion. Question to suite dev team : What suite modify compare to suite?

there’s a special index AOD that takes a lot of resources when you migrate or install a fresh install with migrated data search for AOD

best regards

Hi Mike. I turn it off at the begining. Thats something else. In Sugar I also have SecurityGroups.

I look for debug file of list view request and compare. In suite we have 40% more lines. Profiler show more functions execute (sugar 20k suite 30k) what can be that diffrence?