Performance and volume testing.

We have a customised Suite CRM and are currently trying to load test it.

The plan was to inject 250,000 records of one module, 500 to another and then relate 500 of the first to each of the second. Then we would perform UI responsiveness testing and add DB Indexes to address slow queries.

The problem is the CRM dies a death at around about 130,000 records. The REST API calls throw 500 errors and adding records via the UI results in a long “Processing…” spinner and a blank page with a 500 error. Nothing useful is logged. The record is actually inserted, but the CRM 500s. Inserting a record manually into the DB via the MySQL console completes in a few tenths of a second.

Am I missing something? Is there some query that might be run after a new record is added that might take longer than the timeout? Note it 500 errors after less than 30 seconds.