Pdf - templates

I want to ask if i can insert an image on the Header and Footer tab in the PDF Templates editor? Or if it is possible from any other way?
And also I want to have my item image in one cell of the quote pdf and it doesn’t appear even I have insert the Field.
can you help me? Because I am new but I like it and I want to do things with it.

image printing in pdf would require an absolute path in order to be displayed.
do you want to display product image in each line item ?

I can’t understand what you mean ‘an absolute path’. do you mean that i have to save the image somewhere in one folder?
yes i want to display product image in each line if there is an image in the product.

Yes, you need to put the image in a folder that’s web accessible and then use that URL to insert the image in the PDF template.

What I do on my PowerReplacer add-on is move the image files into a subdirectory inside the public directory, and access them with a full URL built from $sugar_config['site_url'] like this


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