PDF Templates

Whenever I add a custom module to the pdf template types drop-down menu, item name as spelled in custom/modules correctly and does exist, I get an error when attempting to Create or Edit…image below. List view is fine, and if I remove the custom module name from the list, PDF templates operates the way it should. Any ideas?


I don’t have time to check now, but looking at the errors, it seems the String you put there must match the class name (maybe with something concatenated to it), can you check that? Check existing examples before attempting your own.

I’ve checked and checked again. Item Name is name of folder. view.detail.php has been modified with the module folder name in the places it needed to be 3 total. Language file has been updated to show the Print PDF label in the Actions menu along with the addition to metadata/detailviewdefs.php

Still have the same error. Permissions are 777 across the board at the moment to ensure it wasn’t permissions related. This method was working perfectly in 7.9.7.

I’m at a loss…

I figured this out. Was a doozy. Module had a relate field to another module that didn’t exist anymore.