PDF Templates Won't Format Text Correctly

I can’t wrap my head around this -
Even if I set everything in the document to size 36, with no paragraph formatting or anything else, individual blocks of text still come out at size 8 font when printed as PDFs via the Quote module action button.
The PDF Template seems to take my formatting as suggestions, making this impossible to work with for any kind of document.
Am I experiencing a bug? Some secret trick to making the thing work?
Any advice appreciated.

I’ve seen other similar complaints recently and this might be caused by some security measures that sanitize HTML, removing some tags before saving it in the database.

Maybe this is being too strict, removing things that it shouldn’t.

Can you check how the Template looks in the database, looking for the table in phpMyAdmin? Try to see if your HTML is changed in any way.

If the TinyMCE Editor is chopping off the Tags or Classes, you can go to the Database directly and put your HTML. Then try to generate the PDF and see if the Fonts and styles are coming correctly. Not a good way to proceed but if the editor is a bottle neck, you can bypass it by this trick.