PDF Templates Sample - bug on Mac when adding new sample files

i thought i share this one since its been driving mental for a while. you may find that if you start working with the sample folder (ie opening it with the finder) the PDF Modules app will stop working when creating or editing a new Template.

the PDF Template module will scan the sample folder and load the samples for files beginning with smpl_ but somehow it also loads the .DS_Store files and you get this funky cryptic message, well its the contents of your .DS_Store

Bud1???%??? ? ?@? ??? ?@? ??? ?@? ??? ?@?? E%??DSDB??`? ??? ?@? ??? ?@? ??? ?@

to fix this you can simply remove the .DS_Store file or add a couple of lines to the view.edit.php setFields function:

$ignore = array(’.DS_Store’,’.Any_Other_HiddenFile’);

on the loop that scans for the samples add

if(in_array($file, $ignore)) continue;