PDF templates not available for custom modules

Hi, I have created a custom module and needs to create PDF template however when I access menu PDF templates it basically offers me only few modules like leads, quotes, invoices contract account contacts.

How do I activate my custom module for PDF templates.

That is a good question. It happens like you.

I found this link with the answer:


but I think it’s not enough because when I create PDF template for a custom module following instructions, it’s impossible to print.

Here is the solution!:



EDIT: link updated

Hello mayusoruiz,

Thanks for the detailed PDF about how to add the PDF template to a case. I am still not yet ready for SuiteCRM, so I am trying to apply this to SugarCRM CE. I was able to locate the view.detail.php in Accounts, Contacts and Leads, copied one file from Accounts to custom/modules/Cases/views and edited according to below file. Afterwards I no longer could open cases. Simply replacing “Account” with “Cases” worked for two places only…

Since I thought custome modules would remain the same for Sugar and Suite, I tried with it. Or will it not work? Anybody an idea?

Thanks and regards.

Hello pegal.

I don’t know. I only work with SuiteCRM.


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The link to the pdf does not work, could you provide us the pdf again, thank you very much

Here, for example: