PDF Template

I’m trying to add an image of a signature to a PDF Template for a contract via the “Insert/Add Image” button.
However, I can’t seem to get it to upload. I there some trick to this?
It doesn’t seem to want to copy/paste into the pdf either.

Thank you…


What do you mean by “can’t seem to get it to upload”, could you clarify?
i.e, Does nothing appear at all, or does the icon for a broken image appear?

Make sure that you are entering the correct file path for the image.

If you, for example, move the image file into the upload folder of the CRM, you could use the file path "upload/.
e.g: upload/picture.jpg

Clearly this is a PEBCAK problem… :wink:

I was linking it to where the file resides on my computer. How do I get the file to the “upload” folder?


You should just be able to find the upload folder in your CRM’s directory.
It will just be /upload

You should be able to drag or copy/paste the file into this folder, then use the file path upload/

OK… I think I got the file where it needed to be. However, now it shows up as the icon for a broken image in the PDF. :S

Seeing the broken Image icon could mean that either the Image wasn’t found, or there is an issue with the image itself.
Make sure that you enter the file name exactly as it is in the folder, like attached screenshots show:

Screenshot 1: I have entered upload/salesagility.jpg , as this is the file that i wish to insert in the PDF template.

and in Screenshot 2: you can see the file called “salesagility.jpg” within the “upload” folder.

Then, after clicking “insert”, the image is added successfully.

I’m not sure what image formats this will/wont work with, but .jpg, .png and .gif all definitely work.

Hopefully this clears it up a little.