pdf template wouldn't parse my custom field, pls help, tks

Hi Everyone,
Here’s what I did before “print to PDF”:

  1. Studio->Products->Fields, I added two fields: loading_port_c, price_list_c
  2. Layouts->Editview, add the two fields
  3. Layouts->DetailView, add the two fields

Then, I added a product with the two field filled in.
Then Quotes->Create, to create a quotation for a contact.

Then PDF Templates->Create, to create a quotation template, loaded the default quote template and then altered some appearance.
Added two roll:
1st roll: placed the Loading Port, Price Term text
2nd roll: inserted Line Items:Products->Loading Port->$aos_products_loading_port_c under Loading Port, etc.

Then Quotes->view, Print to PDF, but $aos_products_loading_port_c just don’t get parsed!
in the PDF generated, Loading Port shows exactly “$aos_products_loading_port_c”.

What’s wrong with my process?
Or did I missed some config?

SuiteCRM 7.4,
Root: Localhost/suite/

It was fixed, I mixed the relations.

SuiteCRM is great!