PDF template "<pagebreak />" disapearing after upgrade to 7.8.8

When I use and save under google chrome with 7.8.8 and save it.
When I edit it , it has not been recorded.
Everything else seams to be recorded.

As a result when I “print quote” I get a PDF without page breaks :wink:

It was working in 7.8.7

any idea ?

Second probleme I have with quotes, sometime for an unknown reason, when I push “print as PDF” in a quote the page gets bloqued. Nothing appears.
If I want it to work again, I have to delete all my template quotes…and recreate them…and it works again …until the next time it get stucked

For the page break I posted a bug
For the “print as pdf” not working from time to time, I am not anymore experiencing the issue, It might related that I tried to avoid space in the title of template

Hi. Are you user “hubyhuby” on GitHub?

If so, I really think you should fill out the entire Issue template when filing a bug. The maintainers have to handle hundreds of bugs, it makes it really hard for then if people don’t follow the structure.There’s a reason why those pieces of information are being asked.

A carefully crafted Issue report earns the respect of the developers. Quick and confusing reports just get silently ignored…

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Dear Pgr,
Yes of course, my pleasure.
I am starting to update the bugs right now.

Is this good for you : https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/4435


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I had the same issue.
I’ve resolved it for now by creating the file custom/include/tinyMCEDefaultConfig.php (or edit the existing one) to include the following lines in the $defaultConfig array:-

‘pagebreak_separator’ => “<DIV style=“page-break-after:always”/>”,
‘plugins’ => ‘pagebreak’,

Then instead of using in the tinyMCE editor, use


I found the solution here

I still cannot get to work on version 7.10.7
The workaround above does not work well as it messes with all future formatting.
Is working for people?

Page Break is a lost cause.

I am on version 7.11.6 and I am beating my head against my keyboard. I needed to figure this out two days ago.

I cant believe i had this working, but after upgrades it stopped again. It’s so frustrating.
The only thing that works for me now is to manually add the pagebreak in phpMyAdmin.
Surely this is a problem for many people? Such a basic functional need.

Update: I found a workaround again… i added the following:

pagebreak_separator : "<div style=\"page-break-before: always;\"> </div>",
plugins : "advhr,insertdatetime,table,paste,searchreplace,directionality,style,pagebreak",

to the tinyMCE.init function in


I think you should also close the div

Anyway, I made a PR (using a span instead of a div, I guess both should work fine), can you please test it?

unfortunately span does not work for me?
The only thing seems to be … <

div style=“page-break-before: always;”>Â </div

i also need the  between the div tags, otherwise the pdf shows a question mark where the pagrbreak is inserted- this may be because i am testing with a blank pdf template with just 1-pagebreak 2 pagebreak etc, and there are no fields?

What happens, exactly, with the span? Does it give any error?

no error with span, its just isnt saved and is ignored, in the same way pagebreak is

Thanks, I’ve updated the PR, it should be ok now.

Great - this works in PDF Templates.

Now I would like to use it dynamically depending on how many items are in a quote. Our product descriptions are often 1/2-3/4 page, so controlling page breaks in 20 page PDF quotes is important.

Two possibilities:

  1. Put a page break in a Product HTML field: TinyMCE strips out <div style=“page-break-before: always;”>  from product descriptions. If I use phpmyadmin, I can enter the code into an HTML field, but it has no effect (PDF parser is stripping it out?)

  2. Add conditional formatting to the PDF template/parser: Is it possible for the template or parser to ‘watch out’ for a specific field (e.g. ‘break’) and for the template or parser to add a page break wherever this field is True?

Up til now, this was a matter of fixing a TinyMCE feature; but your requests go well beyond this, that is clearly code customization territory… possible, yes, but not out-of-the-box.

For the record, tag is added but not saved when the PDF template saved on version 7.11.13.
What I read on this discussion thread tells me that only solution is adding to the database directly.

I think the fix is in the PR I linked above. It isn’t merged yet. Maybe you can try applying it manually.