PDF Template Page Size

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Can the page size for PDF templates be set/defined anywhere? I could not pick up anything under either locale or the PDF generator itself. What is the default size that is used for generated PDFs?

You can set margins, but margins relative to what overall size?


It’s specified in generatePdf.php in modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/ . It is currently hardcoded to A4.

$pdf=new mPDF('en','A4','','DejaVuSansCondensed',$template->margin_left,$template->margin_right,$template->margin_top,$template->margin_bottom,$template->margin_header,$template->margin_footer)
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What change to the code could be made that would generate US letter size (8.5x11") instead of A4?

the A4 being changed to Letter,
Heres a pull request which addresses this issue:

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