PDF Template issue

I am having trouble fixing this issue which i thought was Hebrew and RTL related, but it also happens on the default Quote sample as well. It seems : The number ZERO is omitted from the discount percentage value on the line items of the quote!
so when i put 10% and print as PDF i get 1% printed. so i put 8%, 15% will work fine, but 10%,20%,30% fail

in SuiteCRM the quote is showing 10% discount. i use Version 7.11.12 and really prefer not upgrade until version 8.



Ok, solved this issue by myself. The problem lies elsewhere…
If anyone else need a solution for this:
Go to admin->user management. select the user and Go to the
advanced tab and make sure ‘Currency Significant Digits’ is NOT set to 0.



Thank you for your advice. I was strugling with the same issue here for some time. The zero was omitted also in column Quantity. Under the same admin - user menu I had to delete also Decimal Symbol for me to work properly.