PDF Template image issue for Header and Footer

Im on version 7.11.13 and PHP 7.3.

I am able to create a PDF template for the Leads Module, however the Header and Footer Images I put there do not show up on the generated PDF.

When I go back to edit the PDF, the images I saved are gone all the time.
Please help.


Use an absolute path for images and edit the source in HTML.

Thank you for the response.

Can you please provide a step by step guide for non-developers on how to achieve this.

Thank you

Absolute path for your image is that you can access via Browser irrespective of the System. Lets say you have an image inside your CRM directory that makes up the path like
In the Header and Footer sections of PDF Template, you see HTML at top left corner, you can set the image by editing that HTML.
so in order to insert your image as above, you can do

<img src="www.yourcrm.com/foldername/image.png" width="" height="" title="">

by saving this, you will see the image in Header/footer preview and inside PDF Template Generated.

THank you so much. I’m much smarter because of you :slight_smile: Thank you very much I truly appreciate it. Regards

excuse me, I’m traying to do it but it’s not working:

I use this html code:

img src="https://mydomain.com/media/logo.png" alt="" width="300" height="134"

but don’t work :frowning:

Are you able to access the Logo URL in browser? is there any redirect ?
You can verify that the URL is saved by checking in DB, if the editor is not stripping the url.

yes I do, in this screemshot you can see the code directly from phpmyadmin:

and the img url is: https://es.drvsistemas.com/media/Logo-drv.png

Just corrected. I haven’t to put the absolute URL, only “/suitedirectory/IMG.jpg” and insert it from Add image icon.