PDF Template - image and total price

Good Morning,

We have been testing Suite CRM for some time and now that we had our bosses convinced to use it as a tool, we have encountered a problem when converting quotes into PDF templates to send to clients.
First of all we can’t get an image to show up in the header. It is simply a jpg and in the design of the template we see it correctly but instead when converting the budget only a cross is seen.
Secondly, they have determined a very specific structure for the budgets, which implies that each row shows the name, description, quantity, unit price of the product and they want the total price (quantity per unit price) to be seen in the last column. ), but without discounts, since they want to show the total of the discount in a single row. We are not able to find that value within the templates.

If someone can help us with these two details, it would be very helpful, since we see that the tool itself can bring us many improvements, but those responsible determine that the budgets must be presented with this structure and we are not able to finalize these two details.


Check out below solution for Image issue.

Just as a test to determine the cause of the problem, I suggest this:

Go directly in the database and edit the PDF template there (the table is called aos_pdf_templates).

Was the link saved correctly there?

Do you get correct results if you insert a correct link there?

The reason I suggest this is because the PDF screens sometimes “clean up” the HTML excessively, and so what you see working on screen, is not what gets saved.