pdf template generation using custom module

custom template name : abc

invoice module has 1 to many relationship with abc module

step1: pdf template module->choose type as abc(custom module)
step2: choose insert field module as invoice-invoice
step3: insert any invoice module field
sep4: save the pdf

now go to abc(default module) and choose print pdf option
downloaded pdf doesn’t generate a dynamic variable though we have save the the record in front end

please find the attachment

Looks like you could have a problem with where the showpop up is defined, view.detail.php. I think for that module ?

have a look in there and see if there is anything wrong with the function?


The yesterday issue was redolved now its successfully geneating the template now

this only issue comes with invoice if i make relationship with any other default module it working fine

if you see my attached screenshot variable name is automatically changes while downloading the pdf