PDF Template for Opportunities or any custom module

How can I create PDF templates for modules apart from Quotes, Invoice, Contracts, Account, Contacts, and Leads. When I want to create PDF templates only these modules come to choose from. :point_down:

Is there any way to add other modules like Opportunities, Reports, or any custom custom? If so please do tell me.


@brucemcIntyre , I have same concern to you, were you able to figure out how to implement pdf template for Opportunity Module?

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Hi @waraikobuot

I wasn’t able to find the solution built into the SuiteCRM. Therefore, I looked for some third-party developed solutions. Among many, I found the PDF solution from OutRight best fits my requirements. I’ve left a link so you can check it out.

PS: This link is not affiliated or promotional, just sharing my experience.

Ow, I thought you were able to implement this one without using premium modules