PDF Template - 7.10.3

I noticed that in 7.10.3 I am not able to build pdf-templates, it simply goes blank when I click on create template.

You know the drill by now… :slight_smile: test on the live demo, check logs…

Please set the CRM logger level to Debug and then also do the following modification if you know some coding
Add these two lines into the index.php file of the CRM root folder after <?php tag in a new line and then try to create the PDF.

ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

You will definitely see the errors on the UI and in the log files.


Sohaib Majeed
SuiteCRM Developer

Thanks for the tip.
There were fragments of a module that I had deleted and it had relationships with print modules. I do not know why this happened, but once I deleted the files, I was able to operate the creations again.

Cool. So the issue is just fixed?