PDF Storage


do anybody know where (in which folder) suitecrm save a generated pdf (print pdf) or will there no function to save generated pdf-files on server?


Hhmm I’m not sure, although I am interested in this kind of thing. I have a series in my blog about “where things are stored” in the database, and in the file system.

I don’t have much time now, but maybe you can read this and then check if is stored as a Note? And check the “upload” and “public” directories. Don’t look for a file named like your PDF, look instead for any new file with the same size.

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Hi pgr, thank you very much. I found the pdf’s in the upload folders (stored in the database in notes). Is there a possibility to store invoices in a seperate folder? Do you know this? Thanks, Heiko

Everything goes together in the upload folder, which is not a good solution…

There is no way to change this except by changing a bit of the code.