PDF Quote Invoice templates

Are there pre defined PDF templates for quotes, orders and invoice?

Where can I find those?
Do I have to upload from other site?


There are some templates.

Go to PDF Templates, select the module that you would like to create the PDF for (Type).

On the right should be Load Sample. Select a sample from that drop down and then modify.



Hi guys,

I built a pretty customized quote template from one of the samples. We are pretty happy with it. Now I want to create an invoice template that will be exactly the same (nearly) as the quote sample. I was expecting to be able to to do this:

  1. create invoice (type=invoices)
  2. hit ‘load samples’ drop down and find my pre-built quote template as an option
  3. load the html ‘framework’ and be able to build the invoice template around that.

It seems that I cannot do that and must start with a suitecrm template.

My current workaround for anyone else, if I am correct this cannot be done is as follows:

  1. go to your pre-built quote template
  2. click ‘edit’
  3. in the WYSIWYG editor, click the little ‘html’ button
  4. select all the html code (control A)
  5. and copy to your computer clipboard (control C)
  6. go back to ‘PDF templates’ module
  7. click ‘create’
  8. choose type = invoices
  9. click little HTML button in WYSIWYG editor (again0
  10. paste in the code copied in step #5 above
  11. click ‘update’ button
  12. name the invoice at the top
  13. click ‘save’

Critical: all the fields in this code you just pasted will be from the ‘quote’ module and will be have to manually updated so don’t expect this to actually work until you do that. However the ‘bones’ should be as per your previously formatted qutoe. the good news is that it seems like only the top part of whatever you pasted will need to be updated. what’s in my screenshot (attached) should be the only fields you will need to manually update. and looks pretty easy.

if there is a programmer who knows how to make this all above automatic that would be dope on a rope and much appreciated

if this feeature is already done and i just don’t know how to do this, please update in reply!

Thanks all


I figure that for a work around I will copy and paste the copy of the html of the quote I made into the body of the empty invoice

I’m runing latest SuiteCRM and don’t see the drop-down. Do I need to have loaded sample data?

Argh. I was in Email templates not PDF templates. Found it.

After upgrade suitecrm 7.6.6 to 7.7.9

invoice module:

                         if created new invoice and save,if click Print as PDF,Email PDF it show error 

help me

@sam If you go into the PDF module and create a template then try printing as a PDF :slight_smile:

@camo I will created new template in PDF module but didn’t work

Did you set the ‘type’ field to the correct module? Could you please attach a screenshot of the PDF Template edit view?

If i create a PDF template and then try to edit it, it shows old information from another template in the body field. See video here:


Is this a known bug?