PDF printed file is corrupt

In 7.11.8 version, with php7, PDF printed file is corrupt (i tried on “Account”) and i cannot open it. I had to change the php version to 5.6 to work and now it’s ok. Why?
My server (shared) have:
Apache 2.4.33
MySQL 10.2.27-MariaDB-cll-lve

If you open the corrupted PDF file in Notepad, you will probably see some PHP errors in the middle of the content. Which errors are these?

I was wrong: in php 7 works OK, in 7.3 is not working.
There are many errors, look in attachment.

Can you apply this fix manually?


that should solve it.

I don’t think so… Can you can guide me step by step?
What to insert - where? :unsure:

Sorry… :slight_smile:

I tried it in my system and that particular fix isn’t solving it. Give me some more time, I will try to get a better solution for this.

I spent some time investigating this, but the current solution is only partial and it’s not very easy to get a full fix without devoting some hours to this, which I currently can’t find.

Meanwhile, it just occurred to me - have you tried disabling display_errors in your php.ini? That might solve things in an easier way, and it’s a recommended best-practice anyway.