PDF - Prevent repeating

When I generate a PDF from a quote the totals are shown after every group.
Totals only need to show once, after all groups have been shown.
I don’t want group totals. I want totals for all groups.

How do I force the totals to show only after every Group has been shown.

I am using $aos_quotes_total_amt but it still shows for every group.

See attached.

Which PDF template are you using? the OOTB Quotes with Groups?

And which SuiteCRM version is this? I believe there is already a fix for this.

Yes I am using Quotes with Groups.

Yes, I am using the latest and greatest. 7.11.15

It happens whenever I delete group total: Group Total: $aos_line_item_groups_total_amount

I guess I am stuck with group total. Because once I delete it, everything begins to duplicate that is on the page.