PDF output File Name

Hi all,

How can i edit the PDF output filename? For example my invoice number is 12345 and my account is hap seng, the output filename is INV-12345_HAP_SENG.pdf

Where exactly are you producing this PDF in SuiteCRM? I mean, under what menu, pressing which option?

I follow the guide of ‘AddingPrintPDFCustomModule’ in this forum. I edit the the Cases Module to able to print PDF, email PDF, email Case.

The output file name is follow as the subject in the module is ‘name’. I wish to edit the output file name as ‘case_number’ and ‘name’. For example ‘145355 - Computer Blue Screen’.

You could have included the link to that guide… you made me go into Google and then guess which one you meant :slight_smile:

Anyway: I don’t know anything about this. I was willing to go search the code ofr the place where the filename is built up, but if it’s custom code I can’t do it from searching Github code, so I can’t help, you. Sorry and good luck.