pdf editor changes in upgrade.


I’ve recently jumped a few versions of SuiteCRM and now running 7.9.7. Our PDF’s have been ok but needed to make a really minor change to our quote template (increase a field width slightly) and found when saving the change it the format of the pdf changes. Obviously not the field width but other sections of the pdf. Same thing happens whatever I change.

I tried duplicating the original pdf in the editor without changing anything and the same issues with formatting appear.

I made some html changes to try and correct the formatting changes but when I compare old and new html templates there are sections now missing.

Is this all the product of an overzealous html cleaner? and if so how do I stop it / fix it.

I’ve seen some activity on GitHub with similar issues. Yes, it could be excessive html cleaning.

Start by checking if it works in 7.9.8 (you can even try it on one of the online demos).

If not, try looking at these issues on GitHub:


there might be relevant info in one of them…